Michaela Adam -Horst

Michaela Adam -Horst

Founder & CEO

Heidelberg, Deutschland

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Ihr Werdegang

  • Heute

    Ceo & Founder

    Center of Natural Healing Methodes -ZFNH

  • Heute
    November 2013

    Founder, CEO

    Rising Sun Foundation

    The only purpose of our life is to be what we are and to become what we are meant to become.
  • Heute


    Scholl / SSL International

    Launch of differnt brands
    focus on enviromental issues in terms of sustainability in packaging material, recycling,production energies, natural ingredients

    Cooperation with enviromental and animal protection organisattions "against animal testing" -
  • Heute

    PR & Marketing

    Sparkasse Mainz

    Market Research & Analysis-
    Eventmanagment Youth & VIP-
    Management of The Ruanda Project in Cooperation with GTZ Germany
  • Heute


    Builliton Advertisng Agency

    learning Media from the bottom- all avaliable Media Tools
  • Heute

    Market Research

    Scientific Assistent University of Applied Sciences - Business - Prof.Dr. Ute Diehl

    Market Research , field studies for differnt famous brands via the University
  • University of Applied Sciences

    Business - Marketing, Management and Public Health

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Ihre Kompetenzen

  • Foundation
  • Healing
  • Leadership
  • Methodes
  • Teamwork

Ihre Sprachen

  • Englisch
  • Französisch
  • Deutsch

    Ihre Interessen

    Alternative and natural healing methods philosophy cultures travelling especially Asia music classical literaturemusic

    Über sie

    "You may think I am a dreamer but I am not the only one.." sings John Lennon in his song Imagine... I am one of those!
    But it is not enough for me to dream. I am very creative and persevering in implementing things , if I am convinced about it.
    "Dream big and if you believe in it - go for it ! " is my attitude towards life.
    This pioneer attitude has designed my life very colorful and versatile and brought me into some very bizarre life-tasks.
    Intuition, empathy, sensuousness, tolerance, open-mindness, multiculturalism and truthfulness are very important values in my life
    Occupations I have a few ...but only one mission!
    Independant from all my fields of activities in "the outer world", I am a conscious woman and mother!

    The mother, honors children as a divined gift of love and as the greatest transmitter to develop our soul from elementary carbon to the diamond state, if we are aware of this challenge in our life.
    Children, help us, to see the world through their eyes and getting innocent again. We are growing by meeting their demands and daily problems.
    But the most of it we grow in our ability for unconditional love.
    I am convinced that it is one of our biggest life tasks to help them to find their own strenghs, their own way and to trust their intuition, because they will be our society for tomorrow !

    As woman, in the power of my "femininity" I feel vitality, if I am allowed to convey people, in their confidence , in their perception and in their intuition, to be prepared to go through the ups and downs in our lifes in liberty and authenticy , knowing that these are the only securities, which will remain when all "outside securities" will break down!
    My credo you will find in the words of Mario Benedetti+:

    I like the people who vibrate, those who know what to do. The people who cultivate their dreams. I like the people who have the capacity to assume the consequences of their actions, those who risk something to reach a dream and leave the solutions in God’s hands.

    I like the people who are affectionate towards others and themselves, those who give thanks for a new day, for the good things in their lives, those who offer a smile, offer their hands to help in a generous way, without asking for anything in return.

    I like the people who are able to criticize me looking at me, those who know how important happiness is and who transmit it. I like the people who still are like children and who transmit their energy.

    I like the people who are franc and sincere, able to oppose the decisions of anybody with reasonable arguments, those who are faithful and persistent, those who do not loose heart in ideas, who are not ashamed to admit their mistakes, those who accept their errors and make an effort to not repeat them. I like the people who try to find solutions, who think and meditate, those who appreciate the ones who are around them and neither judge nor permit others to judge.

    I like the people who are able to understand that the biggest error of the human being consists in trying to get out of the head what comes out of the heart. With this kind of people I commit the rest of my life for whatever.

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