Sandra Klinkenberg

Sandra Klinkenberg

Advisory Business Economist / Beratende Betriebswirtin


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Ihr Werdegang

  • Heute
    Juli 2016
    Juli 2013

    DQS-UL CFS - Auditor

    DQS CFS GmbH

  • Heute
    November 2015
    September 2015

    Director Training & Development

    EFQM private stichting

    supporting the development of excellence within and beyond Europe
  • Heute
    März 2015
    November 2014

    2; Management Consultant + Student Advisory economy

    IQ Bremen - IQ Professionals GmbH + IQ Wirtschaft GmbH

    Management Consultant - IQ Professionals GmbH
    Realization a project contract of my former company - SK . Consulting & Development
    Space Industry - Catalogue of failure data for safety & dependability analysis
    - project and organizational failure - incl. a general and generic data set
    Compilation and Author: Sandra Klinkenberg

    IQ Bremen GmbH
    Studienberatung Wirtschaft - Region Hamburg + Hannover
    nebenberufliche Qualifizierung zum/r staatl. geprüften Betriebswirt/in
    Student Advisory economy - Area Hamburg + Hanover
    avocational Qualification to state certified business manager
  • Heute
    Oktober 2014
    September 2013



    Ausbildung, Schulung, Training, Projekt-Coaching

    Education, training, project coaching

    CONTECHNET Notfallmanagement
    ITgestützte Notfallplanung
    CONTECHNET emergency management
    IT-based emergency plan
  • Heute
    August 2013
    Juli 2002

    Development Adviser, Management, Owner

    SK . Consulting and Development

    Consultancy for solutions!
    * moderation for definition of aims
    * development, planing and integration of drafts
    * strategy and organizational development
    ! for high effective workflows and efficient procedures and projects.

    # consolidated aims and strategies
    # optimized organizaton, workflows and procedures
    # Rate of growth in average 20%

    Fields of Action:
    * CSR and Sustainability Management
    * Process and Quality Management
    * Management advisor, sparrings partner and project coach
    * Corporate and Organizational Development

    Advisory Business Economist / Beratende Betriebswirtin (PhD)
    eq. MBA-Management and Economics

    Specialist in Structure Development
    Development Adviser & Project Coach
    Structure Developer since 1992
  • Heute
    März 2013
    Januar 2009

    Inventor, Developer, Mastertrainer and Owner

    KULTURclub by Sandra Klinkenberg

    The Company - KULTURclub by Sandra Klinkenberg - was founded at the 01.09.2012 as small Company with the first priority of searching for an Investor or Buyer to push the Company into another corporate form like a stock corporation and realizing the further development.

    Ways to decision making' has been developed to support the maintenance of high-quality decision. A comprehensive, yet easy-use tool to generate real, consistent and reliable decision. More about under
  • Heute
    Mai 2002
    August 1992

    com. and tech. Advisor, Sales Representative; Head of Area Sales for North Germany - capital goods

    Mehrere in Deutschland

    Internal Building Structure-Development:
    Consultant and Regional Sales Manager B2B and B2C in the construction environment for capital goods - a conceptual interior design and furnishing - for industrial, office and administration buildings as well as exclusive private homes. Responsibility for draft and design, sales and coordination, purchase and supervision of the conceptual interior finish for object-oriented and self-acquired projects in the area from bare brickwork to the hand-over of keys.
    Content of the task: the user-specific drafts for area-design of interior finish, furnishing and equipment inclusive Conference- and Communication, parts of data- and building equipment

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Ihre Kompetenzen

  • Advisory
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Optimization
  • Organizational Development
  • Process Analysis & Optimisation
  • Process Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Strategy
  • Entrepreneur
  • EFQM
  • Development
  • Audit
  • Auditor
  • BPM
  • Business
  • Change Management
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability Management

Ihre Sprachen

  • Deutsch
  • Englisch

    Ihre Interessen

    Reading Painting Traveling Sports Music FriendsLife

    Über sie

    > > Corporate Development _ strategy, organization, leadership, excellence
    > Director or Executive in Corporate Development (CRO, CIO, COO, CEO)
    . Permanent, German contract
    . Activity: Europe, worldwide


    I am glad about your interest on my profile and I invite you to learn more about me and my service for you and your company as entrepreneurial employee.

    Sandra Klinkenberg
    Advisory Business Economist / Beratende Betriebswirtin
    * Specialist in Structure & Organizational Development since 1992

    Structure Development =
    Integrated Management Systems (+ Business Excellence) + Organization Development incl. Business Process Optimization in adjustment of Aims, Culture and Strategy

    I am an Expert in Structure Development since 1992 in small, medium and large-sized Companies up to Groups in different industries and positions.

    My offer for you and your customers (internal/external) has the advantage:
    * The neutral third party as a translator, facilitator and analyst
    * Considered with objective views and assessment areas
    * Pulse and companion for decision
    * Flexibility with guaranteed loyalty

    My Rolls:
    * Adviser
    * Manager / Executive
    * Auditor, Assessor, Validator and Trainer
    * Sparring Partner and Project Coach

    Realizing the management advisory for sustainable + balanced business and corporate development is an interesting assignment to save existing and supplement necessary facts and figures for best results. STRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT is an extensive area of responsibility with various priority themes, divided into so-called Hard- and Soft-Facts. Learn more at
    My international work experience is out of working in international teams, with international customers or international projects.

    I am glad to hear from you.

    Kind regards

    Sandra Klinkenberg

    Advisory Business Economist / Beratende Betriebswirtin
    ((PhD Level 8 EQR) eq. MBA - Management and Economics)
    • ISMS, Information Security Management Representative
    • BCM, Business Continuity Management, Internal Auditor
    • EOQ CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager
    • EFQM Excellence Assessor and Validator
    • DGQ Quality Manager and Internal Auditor
    • Diploma (ils) Interior Design / Interior Architecture
    • Certification as Trainer for Professional Training in Industry and Trade
    • Commercial Assistant - capital goods

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