Hunter Sebastian

Hunter Sebastian

project management, Alaska Juneau Construction

Currently employed at Construction, Alaska Juneau Construction


Previous: University Of Alaska Anchorage



    Profile - 0ver 13 years of experience in national and international project management. In Plant construction, building construction, road construction. - Dynamic, determined, communicative and engaging professional - value open communication & conflict resolution - demonstrate personal integrity - influence, motivate and win peoples support - build relationships and promote diversity, encourage teamwork and cross border cooperation - strategically minded and create strategic options - open to change, new ideas and innovation with a will to lead them - demonstrate adaptability and act as an entrepreneur - passionate about learning and consistent growth - seek, accept and utilize feedback - value added approach to coaching and developing others - demonstrate functional / professional knowledge



At Construction

From 2004 to Present

project management

At Alaska Juneau Construction

From August 1992 to Present
project management. building construction, road construction. investment in oil and gas.


  • Building construction
  • Design