Benjamin Wents

Benjamin Wents

Master thesis at the Karlsruhe institute of technology (production science)

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En poste chez Karlsruhe institute of technology

Précédents : Renault, Institut polytechnique de Grenoble - Grenoble INP, Legrand


En formation chez Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie

Précédents : Institut National Polytechnique, Lycée Gabriel Touchard


    En résumé

    After 2 years in the engineer school Grenoble INP, learning Product design, I wanted to broaden my skills to become later a project manager. Achieving then a double degree at the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT) has perfectly suited to my future objectives. Indeed the knowledge acquired in the fields of business science and economics at the KIT has prepared me well to deal with a project management. Besides this double degree gives me the opportunity to benefit from a 2 years international experience. Currently I'm achieving a master thesis at the KIT (production science institute): "Studies on the effect of various broaching oils on the tool life in an external broaching process". I'm looking for a project manager job in the manufacturing field. I will be free from the beginning of October. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


testing the impact of cutting fluid on tool life in an external broaching process

Chez Karlsruhe institute of technology

De avril 2015 à aujourd'hui
4 cutting fluids will be tested and for each, the same experiments will be carried out. With a cutting speed of 5 m/min, the tool will machine for 30 meters. Each 5 meters, surface roughness of the part, cutting forces, and tool wear will be measured. In the end, the objective is to find the best ...
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Technical documentation

Chez Renault

De juin 2013 à septembre 2013
* Creation of tools to make easier the translation of a product definition into a Specification Criterion Chart * Project Management : State of the art (interview with Documentary technician), Propositions of tools (methodology and IT tools), Planning (Access) and implementation (procedure writing ...
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product designer

Chez Institut polytechnique de Grenoble - Grenoble INP

De janvier 2013 à juin 2013
* Group work (5 engineering students) of 126 hours , * Aim: propose a prototype of an innovative collar horse responding to customer specifications * Drafting specifications, planning, CAD software (CATIA), analysis of mechanical structure

Institut National Polytechnique, Grenoble

Engineering degree, Grenoble INP ENSE3

De septembre 2011 à juin 2013
Major: Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Product Design

technical database

Chez Legrand

De juillet 2011 à août 2011
* Product Lifecycle Management software : migration from Enovia to Matrix * Strictness, methodology and focus

Lycée Gabriel Touchard, Le Mans

Lycée Gabriel Touchard

De septembre 2009 à juin 2011
Two-year highly selective classes to prepare for the competitive exams to the "Grandes Ecoles"


  • C Programming Language
  • Innovative collar horse design
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Office Programme
  • Project Management
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